The Ghosts of the Shaffer Hotel

The Shaffer Hotel has become known as one of the famous haunted hotels in the US.

Central New Mexico Ghost Investigations had this to say:

The Shaffer offers more than just a comfortable nights stay. Two of my investigators saw strange lights flashing in the Wedding Suite. Two more of my investigators smelled chocolate in the Handicapped Room downstairs. In this room the beds were bare and the suite had been closed for the winter. We also captured several interesting EVP’s. One of the Cowboy Rooms was also very active during our investigation. One of our EMF Meters dropped off an End Table when no one was near the room. On one of the second floor hallways one of DVR cameras captured a strange large shape near the ceiling. We have no idea what it is.

In February of 2008, the Southwest Ghost Hunter visited the Shaffer Hotel and held the “Southwest GhostFest” (a paranormal conference) and conducted a ghost hunt. Below is a short news clip that was filmed regarding the investigation.

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